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#GazaUnderAttack : Updates from Gaza

#WestBankUnderAttack Israeli AND #US forces displace villagers from homes for military training in the Jordan Valley

On November 11th Palestinians from the Jordan Valley villages of AelRaesAhemer, AelMaleh, and Ael Meta, were awoken by Israeli occupation forces at 6:00 AM and forced to leave their homes and villages because the military was to use the area for military training.

The villages are part of Area C in the West Bank, and therefore are under full Israeli civil and security control. Palestinians in Area C, which covers over 60% of the West Bank, are practically forbidden to build on their own property; while neighboring illegal settlements continue to expand. The villages undergo constant attacks and threats from either the army or settlers, including home demolitions, physical beatings, destruction of property, etc.

U.S. Forces have recently arrived in Israel and the West Bank to conduct a joint military exercise simulating a war in the Middle East that would require the U.S. to intervene. The drill is considered to be the largest joint military exercise carried out by the two countries, and is severely affecting the lives of Palestinian villagers throughout the West Bank. It also violates Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states that “Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their motive.”

After Israeli occupation forces displaced the villagers out of their homes, they then began to practice shooting tanks, missiles, and artillery into the areas of the villages throughout the day.

According to the information we received from several people, the villagers will be able to return to their homes at 6:00 PM. Some may have to go through this process every day for up to two months, until the Israeli and U.S. Forces are finished with their joint military exercise.“The Military told us that we are not allowed to return to our homes at all. We don´t know what to expect,” explained a Palestinian.

#GazaUnderAttack | Minister: 25 mosques bombed in Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) –The minister of religious affairs in Gaza said Monday that Israel has damaged over 25 mosques in six days of heavy shelling across the enclave.

“The occupation (Israel) in their aggression did not only commit crimes against civilians, as happened to Salah, al-Dalou, and Azzam families, but targeted mosques, cemeteries and houses of worship,” Ismail Radwan said at a news conference outside Al-Abbas mosque.

“The enemy directly targeted Sheikh Shaban cemetery, the emergency cemetery, in addition to Mahatta, Tal Zatar, and Bani Suheil cemeteries which led to scattering the bodies of the dead and martyrs.

“They also targeted and destroyed completely the Ribat mosque in Gaza City and Al-Rahman mosque in the central Gaza Strip.”

Radwan called on Islamic scholars and imams in Palestine and around the world to pray for the injured and Palestinian fighters.

He called on the grand imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayeb, and all his counterparts to visit the Gaza Strip and stand by the Palestinian people.

The minister urged the international community and human rights organizations to put Israeli leaders on trial for war crimes and called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to fulfill their duties and support Palestinians in preserving their holy places.

“The Fall of the Oppressor” ~ A Poem by @DimaEleiwa

The Fall of the Oppressor

They’re trying to mess with my head, psychologically.
Telling me my wife is cheating on me.
I know, he’s lying, the picture is clear.
I know, he’s bluffing, yet the lie still pressures me.
It reminds me of how weak and helpless I am here…

But my faith is strong, I know I will end up outside these walls.
Behind these bars time took a different definition.
The day became an hour, and the minute became a second.
I wasn’t born to live my life here…

I wasn’t born to meet my family behind the glass and on the telephone.
An m16 in the hand of a soldier wanting to teach you manner.s
Want to defend yourself?  Here’s a life sentence.

Who cares about us?

Definitely not my government.
Definitely not the law that never recognized my rights.
You don’t need an expert to tell you how dirty their law is,
When 40% of my people know what it means to be a political prisoner

Sometimes i ask myself why I can’t be optimistic…
The plate gets thrown on the floor, its hardly eatable.
When i was a child they taught me that prison is for the criminal who wants to harm me.

Here my crime is…  being born palestinian
The temperature of the floor
Lets me know if its September or February
Iremember my family, the sky, joy…
As many obstacles they put, I will never forget the seasons.
I won’t forget 48, I wont forget the massacres…

I kept reminding myself I will not rot, I know the day is coming
I am not rotting.  I know the day is coming.

I ask of God to show me the end of this building.
Greet the relatives and tell them I still believe in miracles.
I could have been a doctor, a singer, an engineer.
But fate is pointing a gun to my head.
All my plans are disappearing in front of me.

I’m sitting on a chair, handcuffed from the top and the bottom.
The bread is hard.
Mother I feel i’m getting sick and dizzy…

Yet my focus is on freedom.
I’m isolated far away and hidden from reality

Mother i have a new friend, his name is as mine, and his face is the same as mine
solitary confinement, mother i miss my home.

If I die, take all of my stuff
and throw my coffin at the judge.
The ghosts of my ancestors are calling
demanding their land, where the prisons are, where their children are suffering.

We have to remember the names,
I don’t see one drop of justice, all I see is administrative detention.
I didn’t choose to be here, it wasn’t my choice
keep your head up, your life is valuable.

Their system thought it had everything under control.
But all of a sudden, a hunger strike began.
They thought the human being is hungry and would be greedy for his food.
But the human being is only hungry for one thing:  The fall of the oppressor.

……The fall of the oppressor

~ by Dima Eleiwa


Letter to Google Executive Chairman to Remove the movie “Innocence of Muslim”

Mr Eric Schmidt,
Executive Chairman,

Dear Mr Schmidt,

The movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and its video trailers and excerpts that appeared on have angered the Muslims the world over. The western world does not realize the amount of hatred which can be created among Muslims on two issues, that of desecration of the Quran and Blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Posting of this disgraceful video has already led to many deaths of innocent people throughout the world and would continue to incite more into coming out on the streets.

It is unfortunate that there is no legislation even today in the West to control these clumsy acts of individuals who definitely are on the fringe of society but incite the world, resulting not only to loss of many innocent lives but also in leaving indelible marks on the psyche of huge populations. These hateful imprints of action and reaction may lead to reflection of the same among policy makers turning a lot of them into hardliners years down the road.Google does not allow pornographic images and explicit videos of sexual acts on its website as such an action would hurt the social values of society as it exists today. Neither does Google rightfully show training videos for terror, or for bomb making, because it would lead to further loss of human lives. Let me remind you that in this new era of communication Google has a far bigger role than the role of countries in its impact on society and therefore it must rise to the occasion and move beyond a stereotypical interpretation of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

The Muslims all over the world are angry,protesting against the anti-Islam Film makers.Several countries has blocked youtube,which in turn is injustice with the people but the people and the governments can do nothing.Google must have to feel the responsibility that why Millions of people suffer just because of gang of few ….
I urge you for being a peace loving human being to remove all videos showing trailers, excerpts and snippets from the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’.Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Aasim,

Muslims Protesting against anti-Islam Film “Innocent of Muslims” in different parts of world..

Massive Protest in Pes hawar,Pakistan on Friday,21st Sep 2012

Women Demonstrators Holding Play-card in London titling “I Love My Prophet”

Malaysian Muslim demonstrators march toward the U.S. Embassy after a Friday mass prayer in Kuala Lumpur.

A Kashmiri Muslim student participates in a protest march organized by a Muslim school on Saturday, September 22, against an independently produced anti-Islam film that has ignited anger in the Muslim world.

Protesters gather to demonstrate against a French magazine that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed outside the French Embassy in London on Friday.

Riot police clash with demonstrators in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, September 23. Clashes broke out as Muslims staged a demonstration in downtown Athens’ Omonia Square, to be followed by a march to the U.S. Embassy, in protest of a film mocking the Prophet Mohammed, which sparked deadly protests in the Middle East

Angry protesters in Karachi strike a poster showing a portrait of US President Barack Obama during a demonstration against the anti-Islam film

A Kashmiri Muslim with his face covered burns a mock American flag as others shout slogans during a protest in Srinagar, India, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012.

Protesters in Bangladesh burnt American and Israeli flags and tried to march to the US embassy.

Protests in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Protests Go Global Against Anti-Islam Film

10 reasons why US should apologize to Pakistan

Pakistan’s demand of apology from US occurs after the brutal killings of 24 Pakistani Soldiers in an Attack by Nato and ISAF on a Pakistani Check post .Pakistan is called as Front Line ally in “War Against Terrorism” but US and Nato’s acts have shown that they have no respect for Pakistan.Instead of recognizing its role, and helping Pak Army every year Pakistani soldiers are being killed by Nato , ISAF and US bombings. US has apologize to India for detaining a Bollywood celebrity for 2 hours at airport,but has not apologize still yet to Pakistan for Killing their 24 Soldiers. Here are at least 10 reasons why US owes the Pakistan its deepest apology:

1)      Formation of Al-Qaeda : After the Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan, America supported the Muslim Mujahideen from all over the world to fight against Soviet Soldier giving them millions of dollars and every king of lethal weapon free of cost. Millitary training was provided to fighters but after the war has come to end no action was taken to sent them back to their home countries and they dispersed in Afghanistan and Tribal Areas Pakistan.Osama Bin Laden was very much passionate and dynamic,he gathered such people and formed Al-Qaida by the Grace of US.

2)      Salalah Checkpost Killings: The Salala incident, occurred when U.S.-led NATO forces engaged Pakistani security forces at two Pakistani military checkposts along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on Saturday, 26 November 2011.Two NATO Apache helicopters an AC-130 gunship and two F-15E Eagle fighter jets entered into the Pakistani border area of Salala at 2 a.m. local time, from across the border in Afghanistan and opened fire at two border patrol check-posts, killing up to 24 Pakistani soldiers and wounding 13 others. Pakistan demanded apology from US on the killing of their Soldiers but US has not apologized yet.

3)      Supporting Dictatorship : US has supported military Dictators in Pakistan since 1965.Yahya Khan and Pervez Musharraf was the worse of all.US has used them in her own interest and after  achieving their goal America removed them off. US is a biggest supporter of Dictatorship all over the world.US has not just Supported Saddam Hussain in Iraq,  Gaddafi  in Libya and Husni Mubarak in Egypt but has also supported Dictators in Vietnam,Iran,Jordan,Korea,Saudi Arabia,Panama,Mexico,south Africa,Cuba,Chile,Bolivia,Indonesia,Brazil,Nicaragua,Huandorus,Guatemala,Spain,Nigeria,Uganda,Congo,China,Taiwan and so on…..


Global march to Jerusalem – a Historical March against Israel.

Global March to Jerusalem is an initiative carried out by different organizations. More than 25 independent Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations have joined hands to carryout a historical march to show solidarity with Palestinians and Protest against the Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Jerusalem and the brutal killings of the Palestinians.Not Only Organizations but individual personalities are also joining and supporting it.From Pakistan Abdul Ghaffar Aziz ,coordinator of Pakistani NGO’s in Solidarity with Palestine, Mr Liaqat Balauch: A former member of the Parliament (1985 and 1991), Senior Leader of Jamaat Islamia, Raja zafarul Haq, Leader of Pakistan Muslim Leaque (Nawaz Sharif party) and General secretary World Muslim League, Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Zubairi. President, International Organization of Doctors, Hafizullah Niazi. Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (Imran Khan party),Ataur Rehman (Mardan) Ex-member Parliament Pakistan are walking with the Global March To Jerusalem.