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Global march to Jerusalem – a Historical March against Israel.

Global March to Jerusalem is an initiative carried out by different organizations. More than 25 independent Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations have joined hands to carryout a historical march to show solidarity with Palestinians and Protest against the Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Jerusalem and the brutal killings of the Palestinians.Not Only Organizations but individual personalities are also joining and supporting it.From Pakistan Abdul Ghaffar Aziz ,coordinator of Pakistani NGO’s in Solidarity with Palestine, Mr Liaqat Balauch: A former member of the Parliament (1985 and 1991), Senior Leader of Jamaat Islamia, Raja zafarul Haq, Leader of Pakistan Muslim Leaque (Nawaz Sharif party) and General secretary World Muslim League, Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Zubairi. President, International Organization of Doctors, Hafizullah Niazi. Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (Imran Khan party),Ataur Rehman (Mardan) Ex-member Parliament Pakistan are walking with the Global March To Jerusalem.



Indian Railways’ Turnaround and Pakistan Railways in crises allaround

While reading the book of Organizational Behavior, I reached at the appendix in which comprehensive cases of some individuals (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mahatma Gandhi etc) and some successful Business organizations like Walt-Mart, Apple Inc. were given. I continued to turn the pages to reach at the end of book. Suddenly I saw a heading “Indian Railways: A Turnaround Story”. I started to read this story.
You would tend to think that what is special in it. . .The reason why i took interest in reading is that Pakistan Railway is going through a crises and is going constantly in decline from past few years, so success story of same department of neighboring country pulled all my attention.

The book states :

Indian Railways, the largest bureaucratic organization in the world, made a surplus of INR 130 billion in 2005-2006 and of about 200 billion INR in 2006-2007……
How can the indian Railways, which was running into losses or marginal surplus for years together show such results ? Surplus was as low as 1.49 billion in 1999-2000. Lalu Parsad Yadav, the minister of railways of government of India, has been able to bring in positive results. He reposes faith in 1.4 million employees of Indian Railway.