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10 reasons why US should apologize to Pakistan

Pakistan’s demand of apology from US occurs after the brutal killings of 24 Pakistani Soldiers in an Attack by Nato and ISAF on a Pakistani Check post .Pakistan is called as Front Line ally in “War Against Terrorism” but US and Nato’s acts have shown that they have no respect for Pakistan.Instead of recognizing its role, and helping Pak Army every year Pakistani soldiers are being killed by Nato , ISAF and US bombings. US has apologize to India for detaining a Bollywood celebrity for 2 hours at airport,but has not apologize still yet to Pakistan for Killing their 24 Soldiers. Here are at least 10 reasons why US owes the Pakistan its deepest apology:

1)      Formation of Al-Qaeda : After the Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan, America supported the Muslim Mujahideen from all over the world to fight against Soviet Soldier giving them millions of dollars and every king of lethal weapon free of cost. Millitary training was provided to fighters but after the war has come to end no action was taken to sent them back to their home countries and they dispersed in Afghanistan and Tribal Areas Pakistan.Osama Bin Laden was very much passionate and dynamic,he gathered such people and formed Al-Qaida by the Grace of US.

2)      Salalah Checkpost Killings: The Salala incident, occurred when U.S.-led NATO forces engaged Pakistani security forces at two Pakistani military checkposts along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on Saturday, 26 November 2011.Two NATO Apache helicopters an AC-130 gunship and two F-15E Eagle fighter jets entered into the Pakistani border area of Salala at 2 a.m. local time, from across the border in Afghanistan and opened fire at two border patrol check-posts, killing up to 24 Pakistani soldiers and wounding 13 others. Pakistan demanded apology from US on the killing of their Soldiers but US has not apologized yet.

3)      Supporting Dictatorship : US has supported military Dictators in Pakistan since 1965.Yahya Khan and Pervez Musharraf was the worse of all.US has used them in her own interest and after  achieving their goal America removed them off. US is a biggest supporter of Dictatorship all over the world.US has not just Supported Saddam Hussain in Iraq,  Gaddafi  in Libya and Husni Mubarak in Egypt but has also supported Dictators in Vietnam,Iran,Jordan,Korea,Saudi Arabia,Panama,Mexico,south Africa,Cuba,Chile,Bolivia,Indonesia,Brazil,Nicaragua,Huandorus,Guatemala,Spain,Nigeria,Uganda,Congo,China,Taiwan and so on…..