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Pakistani student bags gold medal in International IT contest

A Pakistani student from Balochistan province has bagged gold medal in an international contest held in Turkmenistan defeating all the participants from Germany, Canada, Russia, England, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka behind.

Ubaidullah, son of Haji Talib Din, a rice trader, is a class ninth student of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges, Quetta has bagged a gold medal from the International Computer Project Olympiad (ICPO) held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, said a press release.



The Americans presented a “microwave” gun to suppress the riot (video)

Now it has acquired the required specifications and is ready for serial production reports ZN.UA.

The U.S. military engineers have completed work on a new generation of “non-lethal” weapons, which in future should be used to minimize the damage in police and military operations. The tests showed the gun a perfect weapon to suppress the riots.

Weapons of the so-called “system of active resistance» – Active Denial System (ADS) of the defense company Raytheon – already nicknamed the “heat ray” or “microwave gun.” Work on the weapon being a long time, and a few years ago in the U.S. showed a prototype of the public ” the gun. ” But now at last acquired the required characteristics of the weapon and is ready for serial production.


UN climate conference: In Durban, Pakistan wins ‘Robin Hood’ award

DURBAN: Pakistan won the ‘Robin Hood’ award at the UN climate talks for proposing financial transaction tax (FTT) as an innovative source of financing the Green Climate Fund (GCF), on Saturday.

The award was given to Pakistan by the youth constituency of the UNFCCC, known as YOUNGO.

“The Green Climate Fund is very important for developing countries. Finding sources and channels to mobilise money into the fund is crucial,” said Director UN-II Mirza Salman Babar Beg, who is part of the negotiating team in Durban.