Global march to Jerusalem – a Historical March against Israel.

Global March to Jerusalem is an initiative carried out by different organizations. More than 25 independent Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations have joined hands to carryout a historical march to show solidarity with Palestinians and Protest against the Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Jerusalem and the brutal killings of the Palestinians.Not Only Organizations but individual personalities are also joining and supporting it.From Pakistan Abdul Ghaffar Aziz ,coordinator of Pakistani NGO’s in Solidarity with Palestine, Mr Liaqat Balauch: A former member of the Parliament (1985 and 1991), Senior Leader of Jamaat Islamia, Raja zafarul Haq, Leader of Pakistan Muslim Leaque (Nawaz Sharif party) and General secretary World Muslim League, Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Zubairi. President, International Organization of Doctors, Hafizullah Niazi. Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (Imran Khan party),Ataur Rehman (Mardan) Ex-member Parliament Pakistan are walking with the Global March To Jerusalem.



یومِ میلاد تجدیدِ عہدِ وفا اور انقلاب کا دن

جشن صبح بہاراں کا پیغام۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔

یوم میلادالنبی اور اس کا تقاضہ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔
یومِ میلاد تجدیدِ عہدِ وفا اور انقلاب کا دن

تحریر :۔محمداحمد ترازی

ماہ ربیع الاوّل اور اِس ماہ مبارکہ میں 12،ربیع الاوّل کے دن کا ہر لمحہ اور ہر گھڑی اہل ایمان کیلئے بہار ِجاودانی کا پیغام لے کر آتی ہے۔کائناتِ ہست و بود کو ہمیشہ تاریخ کے اِن مقدس لمحات پر ناز رہے گاجو 12،ربیع الاوّل کی صبح سعادت کے دامن میں سمٹ آئے اور اِن مقدس لمحات نے اِس دن کو پوری تاریخ ِانسانی میں دیگر تمام ایام سے ایسا جدا اور ممتاز کردیا کہ اب اِس دن کے بعد قیامت تک کوئی بھی دن اِس دن سے زیادہ معزز،مکرّم،افضل اور مقدس نہیں ہو سکتا۔کیونکہ یہ دن ”وجہ وجود ِکائنات“ کے عالمِ دنیا میں ظہور کا دن ہے ۔ !

بارہ ربیع الاوّل کا دن صرف تاریخ ِانسانی کا ہی نہیں پوری کائناتِ عالم کا وہ عظیم ترین دن ہے۔جس کے انتظار میں گردش شام و سحر نے ماہ و سال کی لاکھوں کروٹیں بدلی تھیں۔اِس دن فضائے عالم مسرتوں کے دلآویز نغموں سے گونج اٹھی اور اِس صبح نور کے پاکیزہ اُجالے نے شمس و قمر کو روشی اور ستاروں کو ضو فشانی بخشی ۔اِس دن کی صبح انقلاب کی اثر آفرینی نے تاریخ کا رخ موڑ دیا۔وہ تاریخ جس کا ورق ورق درماندگی اور انسان دشمنی کی گواہی دے رہا تھا۔وہ تاریخ جس کا دامن ظلم و بربریت سے تار تار تھا۔

وہ تاریخ جس میں قیصر و کسریٰ کا جبر و استبداد لوگوں کا مقدر بن چکا تھا۔لیکن ظہور قدسی کے اِن مبارک لمحات نے تہذیب انسانی کو وقار،ثقافت کو تقدس،علم کو وسعت،فکر کو ندرت،عمل کو طہارت اور جذبوں کو پاکیزگی بخشی اورنفرتوں اور عداوتوں کے خار زار لامتناہی صحرا میں محبت و اُخوت اورمروت و خلوص کے گلستان آباد کئے۔یہی وہ دن جس کیلئے قدرت نے شعور انسانی کو تمام ارتقائی منازل سے گزار کر بلوغت کے اُس مقام پر پہنچادیا تھا جہاں اب اُسے ہدایت و رہنمائی کیلئے پیغمبر انقلاب صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم جیسی نمونہ کما ل اور جامع الصّفات ہستی کی شدت سے ضرورت تھی۔


Miraculous Happenings Before The Birth Of Beloved Muhammad (Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam)

Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha stated that as soon as the labour pains of childbirth started, an angel came and ask her to drink from a cup in his hand. This drink was whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. As soon as she drank this heavenly drink her pain disappeared and all fear left her.

Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha then saw the gates of Heaven open. The Angels came for the adoration of the new babe. Three Angels went towards the Kaa’ba. One Angel stayed over the Kaa’ba, one went to the East and other went towards the West. A light then Spread out lighting up the Universe. In this miraculous light, Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha stated , She could see distinctly the palaces of Palestine and Syria.

Then Four unkown ladies appeared miraculously before Aamena Radi Allahu anha to attend to the childbirth.

The First, who was very tall, said, she was Eve Radi Allahu anha, the mother of mankind.

The Second was Sarah Radi Allahu anha, the mother of the Prophet Issac Alaih salaam, and the grandmother of Jacob Alaih salaam, whose children were the Israelites, to pave the way for the forgiveness of the Jews, if they followed this child Muhammad Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam.

The Third was Princess Hagar of Egypt, the mother of Prophet Ishmael Alaih salaam. She came with Otto ( a sweet – smelling essence ) from Heaven, to express her love for this great grand-child from the descendants which fulfilled Allah’s ( Azawajal ) promise to her husband Prophet Abraham Alaih salaam, ” the world would be blessed through thy seed.”

The Fourth was Queen Asiya Radi Allahu anha, daughter of Mazahim. She was the wife of the Pharaoh of the time of Moses. She was that queen of Egypt who brought up Moses from a little child when he was found floating in the basket on the river Nile. She was the first person in the Pharaoh’s court who belived in Allah ( Azawajal ) upon seeing how small miraculous snake made by the staff of Moses ate up the bigger snakes of the Egyptian magicians. Whereupon the enraged Pharaoh tortured her severely, but in spite of this she refused to give up her faith.

In the hands of these four great nurses was Muhammad Salla allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam born with his foreskin already circumcised miraculously, with his navel cord already separated miracculously pure and clean without any kind of  blood or filth on it.

Muhammad Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam born on Monday the 12th of the lunar month of Rabi-Ul-Awaal at dawn, i.e. the time between the end of the night on 20th April 570 A.D.

Twenty-Five Questions asked about Islam

While surfing internet,I reached a blog that somebody is running to defame Islam and to Promote a wrong Perception about Islam. I had a little conversation with a buddy on that blog , after some comments he posted this comment.

Pakistani: this is my only respond to you for I will not debate you. for you are diluted with type of poison which take years to clean. You have been brain washed to the extend that it would take a miracle for you to be cured. So please stop making a fool of yourself and stop believing your own junk, Muslims are killing Muslims. Muslims are killing none Muslims , why? Because some one with beard and towel over their head and self interpretation of so called Holly book told them and prom9ised them goodies if they make themselves killers. Mohammad promote and enforce Islam by the sword, read the History. Now If by any miracle you decided Islam is false(and it is), Jesus still loves you and welcomes you; all you have to do is receive Him as your lord and savior.

These type of people have certainly wrong information and perception about Islam which is of course due to the Western and Jewish media’s propaganda about Islam on TV, paper and Internet.There are thousands of websites that are running only and only to defame Islam and to  provide wrong information about Islam.

I decided to Publish here a short but comprehensive  Introduction about Islam on this Blog for the Non-Muslims ….


An Inspirational Story

Muhammad Ali’s Life Lessons Through His Daughter’s Eyes.

A very nice example/advice for our Spouses, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, Please note, even though you have doubt that these words were not spoken by the great boxer Ali, try to grab the message, for moment forget who told and concentrate on the message.

The following incident took place when Muhammad Ali’s (KELAY) daughters arrived at his home wearing clothes that were not modest. Here is the story as told by one of his daughters:

When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father’s suite. As usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day.

My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock.

You’ve got to work hard to get to them.”

He looked at me with serious eyes. “Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”

A women in hijab is like a pearl in shell

Source: Taken from the book: More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali’s Life Lessons Through His Daughter’s Eyes.