Global march to Jerusalem – a Historical March against Israel.

Global March to Jerusalem is an initiative carried out by different organizations. More than 25 independent Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations have joined hands to carryout a historical march to show solidarity with Palestinians and Protest against the Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Jerusalem and the brutal killings of the Palestinians.Not Only Organizations but individual personalities are also joining and supporting it.From Pakistan Abdul Ghaffar Aziz ,coordinator of Pakistani NGO’s in Solidarity with Palestine, Mr Liaqat Balauch: A former member of the Parliament (1985 and 1991), Senior Leader of Jamaat Islamia, Raja zafarul Haq, Leader of Pakistan Muslim Leaque (Nawaz Sharif party) and General secretary World Muslim League, Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Zubairi. President, International Organization of Doctors, Hafizullah Niazi. Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (Imran Khan party),Ataur Rehman (Mardan) Ex-member Parliament Pakistan are walking with the Global March To Jerusalem.


Global March to Jerusalem is initiated with the aim to show solidarity with Palestinians and to protest against the illegal occupation of Palestinians” Lads mainly Jerusalem.The march will raise the voice that Jerusalem Occupation is the illegal act of Israel against the Palestinians and the whole humanity as the Jerusalem (The City of Peace) is the key to war and peace in the world.The march is not initiated by a single community but, Palestinians ,Arabs, Christian, Jews, Hindus and all the peace loving people will join the March

Action Plan

1) Organizing Massive march from all over the world towards the neighboring countries to Palestine (Jordan, Eygpt, Syria and Lebanon) and towards Jerusalem or to the nearest point possible.

2) Organizing the massive marches from Palestine (the 1948 seizures, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) towards Jerusalem or to the nearest point to it.

3) Organizing the massive protests in front of Israeli embassies in different countries.

4) Organizing massive protests in big cities oArab and the rest of the world, which would be initiated from the Churches and mosques.

On 9th March 2012, the GMJ carvan started march in a farewell at Rajghat, which is the final resting place of Mahatma Gandhi. The 54 member Indian delegation was felicitated by Shri Ram Vilas Paswan (Member of Parliament & President Lok Janshakti Party). The delegates were also welcomed by Mr. Zuhair Hamdallah (2nd Consul, Palestine Embassy) & Shri Mani Shanker Aiyar (Member of Parliament).Mr Zuhair Hamdallah, a veteran of the Palestinian freedom struggle, with tears in his eyes extended his heart support to the Indian effort. He called for a greater role for the Indian people & government in their traditional & historical support for Palestine. He stated that all the Palestinian & Arab people respect Mahatma Gandhi & his unique contribution of civil-disobedience & non-violent resistance to the world.

The Indian caravan Crossed Wahga Border at 10th March 2012, and reached Karachi on 11th march 2012 where it was welcomed by the Central leaders and the members of working Committee of Pakistan Palestinians Foundation (PLF).On the Other hand, the caravans from Indonesia , Malaysia and Philippine also reached on Karachi on  Saturday.Pakistanis showered the guests with rose petals and offered them with garlands. People from various walks of life including media correspondents received them amid the pro-Palestinian slogans.

They will address press and also visit mausoleum of founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Asian caravan will reach Beirut via Iran and Turkey.

Palestinian ambassador to Pakistan Dr Hazem Abu Shanab and Pakistani leaders and eminent religious scholars will also participate in programmes to be held in honour of the Asian Caravan.

Muslims in Malaysia Showing Support for Global March to Jerusalem

More caravans from other continents will also join Global March to Jerusalem on March 30.

Sarah Colbrone, Director fo Palestine Solidarity Campaign in UK calling for standing in support of Jerusalem by taking part in Global march to Jerusalem and gathering in front of Israel embassy in UK at 30th March 2012

I pray for their success, that they can achieve their Mission. May Allah protect them throughout in this march…. Ameen

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