Small Unmanned Spying Planes – Danger Alarm For Pakistani Security Forces

A couple of months ago, a small Unmanned Bird Like  Plane looking like a Bird,fall down in near Pak-Afghan border in Quetta. The Plane was quite small in size about 1.5-2 feet in length.Unlike the Drones… this Spy Planes had 2 Powerful Cameras beneath it to capture the images of any area and seems to be a Remote Control Device which was Probably Used for Spying in the City of Quetta.

“It was an American surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle. It crashed on this side of the border,” a security official in the area said.

The Plane were Taken into Custody and Investigation begun according to Media Reports.

On Tuesday 27-Sep 2011, another Such Plane Fell down in Kasur. The Plane fell into a pond after hitting to a home’s wall in Sarhali Kalan village at Kasur ,50 Km from Lahore .This Plane had different Structure and Construction than the one Previously found in Quetta and was quite bigger in size having length of 6 feet and wing span also 6 feet.

It is important to note that the village is just 8km far from Indian Border. After The News Reported by Tv Channels, Officials of the Concerned departments approached the area and the Plane handedover to Intelligence Agencies.

  • Who Sent these Planes ?
  • What is thier Purpose ?
  • From How Much Time, Such Planes are Flying in the Pakistani Territory ?
  • Is there any System to Stop these kind of Planes in the Pakistani Air field ?
  • Apart from these 2, how many other Spying Planes do fly daily in our Country ?
  • What serious Threat they can cause ?

These are some serious questions, Security and Intelligence agencies Must have to find thier Answers. Pakistan Air Force should device such systems to detect any of the Combat Aircrafts as well as Spying Planes especially in the sensitive areas.

From above, Question No 1 is Most Important. Who sent these Spying Planes ? Whether America , India or some Other Country. Or Somebody launched it Within the Country.Israel,US and the Western World Want to Rollback the Nuclear Capacity of Pakistan from we’ve seen from the western media’s Propaganda against Pakistani Nuclear Assets.From Nieghbours India have the same wish.In these Circumstances Presence of Spying Planes is a Sign of Danger.

On the Other hand reliability of our security is still a question.US helicopters entered into Pakistan’s Territory and Successfully carried out Abbotabad Operation and went back. . . . and No Pakistani Radar was able to detect it.even Officials heared that news first time on Tv Channels which reported the news after the Forign Media.

After 1971, Pakistan turned into a “Security State”.Government annually spends a huge amount of budget on defence and security .People are not happy with the current efficiancy of security forces and thier security arrangements specifically after Abbotabad Operation.

It is utmost responsibility of the Government of Pakistan and Security Forces to defend the soveriegnity of Pakistan at any cost.We Need an undefeatable Defence System, secured borders and complete defence of Strategic Assets.


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  1. farah

    good job…

    October 2, 2011 at 8:51 am

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